Online Shopping


Nowadays, online shopping has increasingly become a fashion. Nobody will fail to notice that a growing number of people prefer shopping online such as Taobao because it brings us a lot of convenience. Just click your button, and all that you can do is to wait for your delivery to come。

However, everything can be divided into two, and online shopping has no exception。 It also has many problems。 First of all, most products have very poor quality。 When you buy something online, you can not touch or feel them, so their quality is not so good as it looks。 What’s worse, it will cause your financial insecurity, because the payment is also done through the Internet。 Therefore, your bank account or credit card numbers will be stolen and make you suffer a great loss。

On the whole, through the above analysis, i believe online shopping has a very bright future. Although it has many problems, it is one of the results of modern society. There is a long way to go for us to improve its services。


One of the controversial issues today is online shopping. According to a recent survey,a large number of consumers are in favor of online shopping as it has become a trend. In this essay, I will discuss the positive and negative effects of this issue and offer my own view on it。

On the positive aspect, one of the most significant advantages is that online shopping brings customers so much convenience that it is widely recognized as much more time-saving than traditional shopping. Moreover, online customers have access to commodities of such a huge variety and number. Perhaps the primary advantage is that they have the opportunities to compare prices of a product offered by different retailers. On the negative aspect, there is a good chance of buying a defective product, as they cannot examine the quality when shopping online. What’s more, there exist some dishonest and incredible online retailers who may do further damages to buyers’ interests。

As far as I’m concerned, the benefits of online shopping greatly outweigh its drawbacks. People should make better use of shopping and bypass its negative effects. People can never be too careful when shopping online。


1. B) Its bad tastes。

2. A) an inadequate supply of food

3。 B) Its people cared more for quality

4. C) all kinds of overseas visitors

5. C) New ideas and presentations

6. D) maintain British traditional tastes

7。 B) They are produced on excellent organic farms。

8。 local markets

9. in a British way

10。 share their meals


11。 A) He is careless about his appearance。

12. A) Jane may be caught in a traffic jam。

13. A) Training for the Mid- Atlantic Championships。

14。 D) He has been having a hard time。

15. D) The woman thinks highly of the speaker。

16. C) The woman should seek help from the tutoring service。

17. C) Jill wore the overcoat last week。

18。 D)A vacation by the sea。

19。 D) A sport he participates in。

20. D) He can’t decide whether to include the effort part of skiing。

21. A) New ideas come up as you write。

22。 D) Hostess of the weekly “Business World”。

23) B) He and his wife did everything by themselves。

24. A) He hardly needs to do any advertising nowadays。

25。 B) The restaurant atmosphere。

26. C) There are various ways to protect it。

27。 C) It can lead to the loss of vision in children。

28. D) It can only be partly accomplished now。

29。 D) They have jobs and other commitments。

30. A) They don’t want to use up all their life savings。

31. D) Make full use of community facilities。

32。 A) Health and safety conditions in the workplace。

33。 A) Replace its out-dated equipments。

34. A) They requested to transfer to a safer department。

35。 C) To protect against the poor working conditions。

36. survive

37。 distant

38. backwards

39。 discovered

40. scientific

41. motion

42. predicted

43。 introduced

44. that move at the speed greater than light, and therefore might serve as a passport to the past

45.seems to have been part of humanity for as long as human have existed

46.used a definition of time for experimental purposes, is that which is measured by a clock



47 N tend

48 L negative

49 H efficiently

50 B associated

51 A alert

52 J function

53 F definitely

54 O younger

55 E continuing

56 G different


57 D Interracial lodging may have diverse outcomes

58 D Being surrounded by white peers motivates a black student to work harder to succeed

59 A Interracial roommates are more likely to fall out

60 D The school randomly assigns roommates without regard to race

61 A It is unscientific to make generalizations about it without further study


B Rates of death from illnesses have risen due to global warming

A It was challenged by some climate and risk experts

B It is invalid in terms of methodology

D Its rough estimates are meant to draw the attention of work leaders

D How rich countries can better help poor regions reduce climate hazards


67. D)

68. C)

69. A)

70. B)

71. B)

72. A)

73. C)

74. A)

75. C)

76. B)

77. A)

78。 C)

79。 B)

80。 B)

81. C)

82。 D)

83. B)

84. C)

85. D)

86. C)


87,The university authorities did not approve the regulation,____(也没有解释为什么): and they didn’t explain the reasons, either。

88,Jane is tired of dealing with customer complaints and wishes that she_____(能被分配做另一项工作):could be assigned to do another job。

89,John rescued the drowning child_____(冒着自己生命危险): at the risk of his own life。



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