CRI在线收听:White Collar Boxing Hits Beijing

"Typically it's a 12 week training programme that business men or women with no boxing experience take part in with professional coaches."

Shane Benis is the man behind Beijing's upcoming White Collar Boxing event。

From a pool of 60 people with little to no fighting experience, up to 18 will be chosen to take part in a competitive fight.

Opponents are pitted against people of a similar weight.

But the process is not easy。

"Training sessions are a shock to the system. Most people that take part in the 12 week routine don't take part in any other sport and they like this form of training set up so they can give themselves goals within 12 weeks to actually achieve a decent level of fitness and challenge themselves to say that they've been able to get in the ring and fight."

This is actually the second time the sport's come to Beijing. Karl Long from Ireland is a Bar manager in the city.

He entered last year's competition and won his fight.

This year he's coming back for more。 He says the first few weeks focus on fitness training。。。

"...and then after six weeks you'll start fighting. And a lot of people sign up for the fight at the start but some people, after they get punched in the face, they drop out. They just realise they don't like getting hit."

Despite the sport's violent image, Shane Benis insists it's safe.

"Touch wood, we've never had any serious injuries. The most we get is bleeding noses, sore ribs, or sore wrists, which is natural in a contact sport."

Back in the pub, I ask Karl why he wants to compete.

"Well, erm... it's fun, it's really fun. It can be painful but you're never really going to get seriously hurt because as long as you can take a punch in the face from a big rubber glove it's fine. I'm doing it because of fitness and the adrenaline of the fight night."

The Beijing event is held on November 16 at the Raffles Hotel.

Shanghai will also host a similar event in December。

Money raised will go to charity。

For CRI, I'm Dominic Swire。



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